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Beijing BBMG and Teeyer collaborated again

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On April 28, Teeyer and Beijing BBMG Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Co., Ltd. teamed up once again and formally agreed a contract on AAC production project, including the equipment procurement and installation. It is a shiny new project after the two parties’ cooperation in the second production line of BBMG in 2014, but a old friendship with them, it should be much more valuable and meaningful in a long while.

Bejing Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Company known as the first AAC factory in China.

The company was founded in 1964 with the approval of Mr. Li Xiannian, then vice premier of the State Council and director of the State Planning Commission. He approved the investment of 15 million yuan and the signing of a contract with the Swedish Siporex company on August 10, 1965, to introduce patented technology and a complete set of equipment. In 1967, the company started to produce AAC products by itself, this marks the national AAC business steeping into industrialized production era.

As a pioneer, Bejing Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Company has placed a high value on R&D and technological innovation. It has actively pursued numerous technological advancements and experimental research, benefiting our nation as the first enterprise to introduce complete sets of equipment and technology and realize continuous and large-scale industrial production. His contributions to the founding and growth of the AAC industrial system are immeasurable.

Today, Beijing BBMG has grown into a reputable manufacturer of AAC products that integrates manufacturing, scientific research, and development. It also boasts a prominent company that has complete manufacturing technology based on two kinds of raw materials: sand and fly ash. This company has gain more than 150 technological advancements, and has been praised as "the cradle of China's aerated concrete industry" by the China Aerated Concrete Association.

Beijing BBMG has consistently prioritized scientific research and collaboration as the main avenue for ongoing innovation and business development since the company's inception. Teeyer is pleased to support Beijing BBMG in furthering the urban sub-center of Beijing's high-quality building constructions. It is a significant action to push forward for the steady growth of AAC industry, by the joint efforts from top two companies, one is adopted with intelligent manufacturing skills, and the other is regarded as the "industry cornerstone" .

The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Wu Yizhong, Chairman and General Manager of Teeyer, Mr. Liu Quan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Director of Beijing Jinyu Aerated Concrete Co., Ltd., Ms. Xu Fengxian, General Manager of Beijing Jinyu Aerated Concrete Co., Ltd., and other senior leaders from both parties. Mr. Wan Haibo, general manager of the marketing center of Jiangsu Teeyer Equipment Co., Ltd., and Mr. Yu Chang, deputy general manager of Beijing Jinyu Aerated Concrete Co., Ltd., signed a cooperation agreement.

Based on the cooperative concepts of friendship, win-win, inheritance, and development, the two parties signed a project agreement. They also came to an amicable agreement to use each other's resources to actively pursue multifaceted business development and cooperative innovation in the future, and to jointly leverage their respective advantages to continuously deepen cooperation and in-depth research and development.

Everyone who involved in AAC field has been informed by the times full of challenges and opportunities. Teeyer will continue to keep the pace with those leading companies, advertise the spirit of scientific, rigorous and innovative, inherit the illustrious legacy and the industry's convictions. Teeyer will re-write the new glories of nation's AAC industry prosperous development.

The main product of TEEYER is the whole line equipment for AAC block and panel production. TEEYER aims to provide customers with satisfactory overall solution for wall material products.

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