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Pouring Mixer


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The weighted slurry, waste slurry, water, cement, lime and aluminum paste will be added into mixer in sequence. The high speed mixing will make the slurry into a uniform mixture with certain density, during this processing a heating device may be required.

The pouring mixer is one of the core equipment for the AAC block machine. It is a combination of mixing equipment and pouring machine, and can mix all the materials needed in a very short time. For the production line, the main materials in the pouring mixing machine include fresh slurry, waste slurry, lime, cement, gypsum and aluminum powder. According to clients’ and process requirements, our pouring mixer is available in two types, regular speed mixer and high speed mixer.


After being blended in the pouring mixer, the tempered slurry will be poured into moulds. The pouring process is controlled by the pneumatic butterfly valve. Before the pouring process, the mixing device should get all the materials, including the aluminum powder, fully mixed in one minute, and the mixture will reach a certain temperature during the process. As the most critical equipment in the batching and pouring section, the pouring mixer has been well developed. It features high mixing speed, small installation area, easy operation, and adjustable pouring height.

Teeyer advantages:

1.The power of the stirring motor is 90KW, controlled by frequency converter, stable start and stop, small vibration and noise in the operation of the equipment, and the speed of stirring can be improved and the quality of stirring can be improved after the impeller is worn.

2.The stirring shaft is fixed with double fulcrum, and the stirring bearing adopts cylindrical roller bearing and self-aligning roller bearing, which has high bearing capacity, strong impact resistance and less heating.

3.To meet the needs of different raw materials and process formulations, the blade can be selected as "十" word stirring blade or double-layer high-speed blade, which can be quickly replaced by coaxial.



4.The mixer is equipped with manual and automatic steam heating device, which can adjust the steam adding speed and steam pressure to reduce the vibration and slurry temperature fluctuation range when the mixer is running.

5.The pouring head adopts automatic synchronous lifting mechanism to realize the synchronous rise of the slurry level and the pouring head to reduce the impact and splashing of the slurry.

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