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Teeyer Appears at WOC 2024

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On January 23, we presented WOC 2024 with our impressive AAC Block and Panel Production Line with Engineering Solutions, to show Teeyer's leading products, technologies and product lifecycle management services to users in the American market. We are committed to providing global AAC industry customers with sustainable solutions to meet the challenges of energy conservation, emission reduction and waste utilization.

According to local vendors, AAC applications have spread across many states, with one particularly successful case responding to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

As the first all AAC high-density residential development in the Florida Panhandle, The Grove at Inlet Beach is designed to withstand future weather and safety challenges in the Bay Area.

All walls, floors and roof panels of these homes are constructed from AAC panels and blocks. The excellent fire rating (4 inches, 4 hours) met local building requirements, so there were no structural fire problems when the hurricane caused unprecedented damage to the United States. By choosing AAC as the main structure of the house, residents can save about 35% on energy bills and 65% on building damage insurance costs.

At present, the US market still has a demand for AAC around wind resistance and fire protection grades.Unlike China's plate application field, AAC plate in the Americas is usually used as a firewall. It is expected that with the construction of more production plants and the increase of knowledge and familiarity with the material, the use of aerated concrete will surge. Due to the increasing emphasis on energy conservation, AAC will inevitably be accepted as a new building product in the United States. The rising cost of wood and increasing environmental concerns will also drive the position of aerated concrete in the market. The design and application standards of AAC in other countries will serve as a further promotion and expansion of its use.

In contrast, users in the Americas have higher requirements for product life and quality, which is an excellent advantage for Chinese equipment companies like Teeyer that focus on quality.

The successful project experience accumulated by Teeyer in the overseas benchmark production line has attracted the keen attention of a large number of potential customers in Central and North America. They come to consult the production line design and product applications, and are full of expectations for Teeyer. In a passionate atmosphere, we are proud to share Teeyer's technological innovation and manufacturing strength, providing customers with excellent AAC Block and Panel Production Line with Engineering Solutions. We are excited about future cooperation opportunities.

The 3-day exhibition came to a successful end, which is not only a big platform for industry exchanges, but also a big family of integration. It provides an arena for competing corporate services and knowledge. In the future, Teeyer will fully grasp the development dividends of the industry, and actively layout the American market, expanding business sectors. We are convinced that through continuous hard work and creativity, we can bring about positive change and a sustainable future for the industry.

The main product of TEEYER is the whole line equipment for AAC block and panel production. TEEYER aims to provide customers with satisfactory overall solution for wall material products.

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