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AAC Side Plate


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Side plate is a necessary part for an AAC production line, it will be used through the whole production process, from pouring section, pre-curing section, cutting section, autoclaving section and the finished products classification section.

The side plate can be combined with the mould cart to form a complete set of mould set, which bear the cake for cutting, grouping, autoclaving and separating. It is the main equipment of the AAC production line, which is composed of panels, racks, friction strips, positioning blocks, etc.

Side plate, working together with mould, is a necessary part for an AAC production line. After de-moulding, the side plate carries the green cake to cutting, grouping, autoclaving and packaging. Our side plate is welded by U channel steel, H channel steel, steel pipe and steel plate. The structural performance is excellent. After several years of use, limited deformation will be observed.


The dimensional accuracy, stiffness and interchangeability of side plate have great influence on product quality, production efficiency and production stability.

Teeyer advantages: high accuracy, good rigidity and super-smooth surface.

patterned AAC Side Plate

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