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I.    Raw Material Processing Section
II.    Automatic Steel Mesh Fabricating and Circulating Section

III.   Batching & Pre-Curing Section

IV.   Cutting Section

V.    Autoclaving Section

VI.   Finished Products Packing Section
Teeyer is the first national company realizing the localization of aerated concrete production equipment in China, on the basis of absorbing and drawing lessons from foreign advanced technology, breaking the previous situation of completely replying on imports.With 30 more years industry experience, teeyer owns dozens of patents related to AAC whole line equipment, and perennially keeps in the forefront of China AAC equipment exports.

Up to 2020, over 1000 AAC production lines have been completed by Teeyer, among that more than 150 sets of production lines exporting to over 20 countries and regions.

Our autoclaved aerated concrete block/panel production line comes with latest control algorithms for monitoring material batching, pre-curing, and controlling the later production processes. The whole production line could be divided into several sections including raw material preparing section, automatic steel mesh fabricating and circulating Section, batching and pre-curing section, cutting section, autoclaving section, and packaging section.

Feature of the concrete block/panel production line
1.The mould moves up and down by the control of teeyer system, which achieves completely synchronization.
2.The innovation patent of driving mechanism keeps the equipment a stable movements.
3.The independent integrated hydraulic transmission unit adopts oil cooling system, heating device and rapid compensation mechanism.
4.Cooperating with international well-known enterprises, for example the key hydraulic components.
5.A PLC device and a computer are available for the concrete block/panel production line.
6.The operation interface is quite user-friendly, and the data input/output, and related diagrams are displayed on the screen. All the data related to production and operation could be also recorded.

AAC Production Process Sections

The main product of TEEYER is the whole line equipment for AAC block and panel production. TEEYER aims to provide customers with satisfactory overall solution for wall material products.

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