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General Contracting

Providing All-round One-stop Service is Our Aim!
 In 1994, TEEYER started to manufacture complete set of AAC equipment
 In1996, besides equipment manufacturing,TEEYER provided process desien,installation service and automation control system
 In 2008, TEEYER completed the first EPCM AAC project (Sichuan Huaxi projeci)
 In 2010, TEEYER set up the first fully-localized AAC panel production line (Fuyang Hanjia project)
Up to 2020, over 1.000 AAC production lines have been completed by TEEYER.among that more than 150 sets of production lines exporting to over 20 countries and regions
TEEYER has nearly 80 research and development personnel, and maintains long-term school-enterprise cooperation with Jiangsu Institute of Technology,Changzhou Institute of Technology and other universities.
A number of self-owned process designers work in TEEYER, meanwhile in several projects TEEYER keeps in-depth cooperation with Wuhan Buiding Materials institute, Beijing Jiandu Design Institute and Northeast Architectural Design institute etc.

TEEYER has a full range of intelligent control system design system, automatic control system design, robot system development (Auto mesh-hanging, Auto packaging and Auto cutting blades replacing), MES system development (production information management system), remote fault diagnosis and support services ability, cloud producing & marketing information system storage and Internet information query system services. TEEYER self-owns dozens of electrical control.database and secondary program developers, meanwhile closely cooperates with many professional automated installation service companies, so as to compete with the world-class European equipment on the same stage, aiming to achieve the goal of "Made in China 2025"

More than 40 project engineers of TEEYER work at site in all year round. Nearly ten professional and qualified installation teams are perennially working for TEEYER. TEEYER has established a corporate standard for AAC equipment installation and acceptance, and in the declaration of project group standards as well. To provide effective supports for the high-precision installation, TEEYER purchased high-preci-sion engineering surveying and mapping instruments above first class, such as level gage and theodolite, etc.
Block AAC machinery production management services

Provide customers with policy consultation and construc-ton technical guidance​​​​​​​

TEEYER maintains a cooperative relationship with many norms setting units related to architectural design and wall construction, like China AAC Association and National Wall Association, keeping abreast of policy trends and the latest construc-tion requirements, so as to provide customers with policy consultation and construc-ton technical guidance.TEEYER shares sourcing information with Komatsu, Hyundai and other certain Fortune 500 companies and holds first-level distribution qualifications from SEW,Siemens, and Schneider etc.

Provide professional production formula and production management services

In order to provide professional production formula and production management services, TEEYER recruits several full-time experts who have rich experiences, and also long-term cooperates with some consulting companies, guaranteeing a full range consulting services to our customers.

Full-time civil engineers are recruited by TEEYER to provide professional and instanttechnical guidance during civil construction.
mannual AAC block machine construc-ton technical guidance​​​​​​​
TEEYER is armed with powerful manufacturing, mechanical processing, and post-painting capabilities for large-scale structural parts, equipped with several large-scale NC processing machinery, welding robots, three-coordinate high-pre-cision measuring instruments and other advanced equipment. The processing capabilities and processing accuracy are far superior to others.

TEEYER adopts the self-assembled hydraulic system which has the same configura-tion as KOMATSU, HYUNDAI and other high-end construction machinery. This system is able to work continuously and stably under high temperature.

TEEYER Electrical intelligent control system was applied in Europe supplied production line in China, and is widely used by high-end AAC producers such as Nanjing Xujian, Beijing Jinyu, and Fuyang Hangjia etc. in China AAC industry.

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If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.We look forward to hearing from you.
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The main product of TEEYER is the whole line equipment for AAC block and panel production. TEEYER aims to provide customers with satisfactory overall solution for wall material products.

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