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Anticorrosive liquid dipping and drying system


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Anticorrosive liquid dipping and drying system: The dipping hoister will carry assembled frames and cages to put them into anticorrosive liquid trough and wax trough. After that, will be moved to the drying oven.

Teeyer advantages: Assembly frame and side plate locating system. Mould locating system, which determined by locating devices during insert and put out processing. These systems are reasonable and accurate, to ensure a good location for the steel frames and cages.

The Anticorrosive Liquid Dipping and Drying System is engineered to deliver exceptional results in safeguarding metal components from the damaging effects of corrosion. Its state-of-the-art design and advanced technology ensure thorough coverage and adhesion of the anticorrosive liquid, creating a robust protective layer that withstands harsh environmental conditions.

With our system, the dipping process is automated and precisely controlled, guaranteeing consistency and uniformity in the application of the anticorrosive liquid. The subsequent drying process is carefully optimized for efficient evaporation and curing, resulting in a durable and long-lasting protective coating.

Our Anticorrosive Liquid Dipping and Drying System is versatile and adaptable, accommodating a wide range of part sizes and configurations. Whether you require corrosion protection for small components or large industrial machinery, our system provides a customizable solution to meet your specific requirements.

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