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Ball mill


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Raw material includes sand, fly ash and tailings to be milled into fine material, in order to meet the slurry standards.

Ball mill is used to mill the raw material into find material to meet the concrete slurry standards. The raw material are usually lime, sand, fly ash and tailing.

There are two kinds of ball mill required, wet type and dry type.

Wet Type Ball Mill

Sand (or fly ash, gypsum) is conveyed to the ball mill by electromagnetic vibration conveyor and belt conveyor. After milling, the material will be pumped to the slurry storage container.

Dry Type Ball Mill

Lime is conveyed to the jaw crusher by electromagnetic vibration feeding machine and belt conveyor. After crushing, the material will be conveyed to the lime storage silo by the bucket conveyor. Then the lime gravel will be transferred to the ball mill through a screw conveyor. The grinded material then will be conveyed to the powder storage silo by spiral conveyor screw conveyor and bucket conveyor.

Teeyer advantages: 

The inlet is equipped with control valve and flowmeter to control the water flow. The sand is weighed by the belt scale, and the ratio of water and sand is automatically controlled by the computer.

The ball mill is a necessary part of the raw material preparation section. There are two kinds of ball mill in an AAC production line: wet type and dry type. Wet type ball mill is used to mill sand while the dry type is for lime stone.

The ball mill comprises several main parts, like feeding part, discharging part, rotating part, transmission part (gear reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electronic controller). The hallow shaft is made from casting steel parts, and its lining is interchangeable. The big rotating gear is processed with casting steel parts by gear hobbing. The inner wall of the barrel is embedded with an anti-wear lining plate. In general, this ball mill is stable and reliable for the milling operation.

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