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2.2kw dust collector

4.2m AAC production line

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4.8m metal cutting machine set

4.8m multifunctional cutting machine set

5-12mm Mesh Welding Machine

6m AAC panel production line

6m cutting machine set



AAC block cutting machine set

AAC block factory

AAC block low noise cutting machine set

AAC block metal cutting machine set

AAC block mould

AAC block mould for AAC panel

AAC block mould for factory

AAC block mould for flat cake

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AAC block production machine

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AAC Pouring Mixer

AAC production line

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AAC side plate for flat cake

AAC Side Plate with clicker

AAC tilting table


AC Motor ball mill

Accurate Mesh Circulating System

Accurate Mesh Welding Machine

Accurate Pin-Drawing Out Hoister

Accurate Wax-Dipping Lifting Device

adjustable Clamping hoister

adjustable construction slurry agitator

adjustable mixer slurry agitator

adjustable Packaging machine

adjustable slurry agitator

adjustable verticle slurry agitator

advanced design construction machinery

advanced design vibration construction machinery

Advanced stable Separator

Aerated concrete block

aerated concrete blocks

aerated concrete blocks for sale


ALC panel cutting machine set

ALC panel cutting stability cutting machine set

ALC panel iron cutting machine set

alc panel production line

aluminum cutting machine set

anti-corrosion Pouring Mixer

anti-dust slurry scale

anti-moisture slurry scale

anti-oxidation powder storage silo

anti-slip Packaging machine

anti-slip Pouring Mixer

anti-stick slurry storage tank

Anticorrosive liquid dipping and drying system

aslant belt conveyor

Auto power off Slurry Scale

Auto-mobile bridge


Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

autoclaved aerated concrete aac

autoclaved aerated concrete block machine

autoclaved aerated concrete production line

autoclaved concrete production

automatic AAC block

Automatic AAC block production line

automatic AAC brick making machine

Automatic Autoclave

Automatic belt scale

automatic cement mix machine

automatic cross cutting machine

automatic cutting machine set

Automatic gas distribution and residual gas recovery system

automatic Horizontal cutting machine

Automatic Mesh Circulating System

The main product of TEEYER is the whole line equipment for AAC block and panel production. TEEYER aims to provide customers with satisfactory overall solution for wall material products.

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