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Cooperation between Teeyer and Zhejiang Rongsheng begins

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Teeyer and Zhejiang Rongsheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract on May 16 and began friendly cooperation on a project of ''a horizontally autoclaved aerated concrete panel/block automatic production plant'' .

An agreement was signed in Changzhou, Jiangsu, by Mr. Jiang Zhengyu, general manager of Rongsheng, and Mr. Wang Xichen, vice president of Teeyer Sales. A signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Chen Huikao, Executive Vice President of Ruifeng Group, Ms. Chen Hong, Financial Director of Ruifeng Group, Mr. An Ning, Vice President of Zhejiang Rongsheng , and Mr. Chen Wei, Executive Vice President of Teeyer.

Teeyer Equipment's ''intelligent''manufacturing innovation continues with the successful signing of this project - the company's first domestically-made "green separator" project is well within our reach!

The Zhejiang Rongsheng's plant of ''6×1.2m horizontally autoclaved aerated concrete panel/block automatic production line ''will be built by teeyer, has been listed as a major industrial project in Zhejiang Province to help the high-quality development of Wuyi city, and the project is teeyer's''green separator'' innovation design first used in a practical project case.

Make every effort courageously, Teeyer people practice again and again, unite knowledge and actions, once again, broke the monopoly situation of totally rely on imported machines.

The new separator can adjust the size through servo drive to complete the green cake splitting action, and tracked the result in real-time; Consequently, eliminate any sticking, which cased by  typical vertical autoclaving systems. Further this green separator substantially improves the cake quality but reduces any damages of finished products.

Combined with the''green separator''and''horizontal autoclaving'', the plant of Zhejiang Rongsheng will reach high quality and high accuracy products, also adopt the tilting table switch and pole device, the intelligence level of this plant will be doubled. That is way we say, Teeyer is essential in the AAC field !

Zhejiang Rongsheng was the first teeyer's partner of "green separator" technology application project in East China Region, who always implemented the belief of green environmental protection and sustainable development.

The company is located in Neibai Industrial Park, Jiaodao Town, Wuyi County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, established in 2002. The main business of Rongsheng is AAC structural components, building blocks, and new building materials, covering their production, sales and market promotion. It is committed to providing excellent customer service and striving to become an industry leader in construction material manufacturing of the province.

The two parties reached an understanding regarding the common vision and belief of the future development of prefabricated construction. Zhejiang Rongsheng will leverage its brand awareness and expansive coverage, uniting with Teeyer to build a demonstration platform for domestic "green separator" whole line projects in Jinhua. Jiang Zhengyu, general manager of Zhejiang Rongsheng, expressed his readiness to collaborate with Teeyer in order to assemble a highly automated, intensely productive and meticulously specialized in prefabricated building industrial production hub.

The main product of TEEYER is the whole line equipment for AAC block and panel production. TEEYER aims to provide customers with satisfactory overall solution for wall material products.

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