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Teeyer's Green Building Tech Success & Opening Celebration

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On April 13, The grand Green Building Technology Exchange Meeting and Opening Celebration was held in Changzhou, Jiangsu province that mark the beginning of all-round cooperation between Elematic Oyj and The Well-Known Domestic Enterprise Of Teeyer.

Finnish Elematic Group is the global leader in precast technology and is also part of this collaboration. They aim to leverage their respective strengths to create an innovative cooperation model that promotes intelligent construction and sustainable development of precast concrete buildings worldwide. This event took place at the location of Teeyer's new factory.

The event was organized by Ms. Anu Vuori-Kiikeri, Consul General of Finland in Shanghai, Mr. Sun Yifeng, Deputy Secretary of the Zhonglou District Committee, Mr. Wang Yuanqing, Director of the Management Committee of Zhonglou Economic Development Zone and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xinzha Street, and Mr. Zhou Lianglin, Director of the Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Zhonglou District. Mr. Wang Yanfeng, Director of Xinzha Sub-district Office, Mr. Yan Zhijun, Deputy Director of Zhonglou Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Mr. Wang Huajiong, General Manager of Shanghai Urban Construction Group, Mats Jungar, Chief Administrative Officer of Teeyer Group, Seppo Kauppinen, Chief Administrative Officer of Teeyer, Director of Teeyer Chairman and General Manager Mr. Wu Yizhong attended the meeting together.

Ms. Anu Vuori-Kiikeri, the Consul General of Finland in Shanghai, expressed her great honor in witnessing the robust partnership between the world leader in precast technology and the renowned Chinese company, Teeyer Intelligent company. The collaboration has enabled the establishment of a state-of-the-art precast concrete building equipment production base, demonstrating the unwavering determination of Elematic Group and Teeyer Intelligent to hasten the intelligent transformation of prefabricated structures and promote sustainable development globally. She also expressed her sincere appreciation to the Zhong lou Economic Development Zone and the local government for their unwavering support on behalf of the Finnish government.

Mr. Wang Huajiong, the general manager of Shanghai Urban Construction Group and customer representative of Elematic Group, praised Elematic's recent development in China and expressed optimism for future technological breakthroughs, model innovations, and application innovations in the building intelligent equipment industry. During the event, Mr. Mats Jungar, CEO of Elematic Group, Mr. Wang Huajiong, General Manager of Shanghai Urban Construction Group, Mr. Seppo Kauppinen, Chief Administrative Officer of Elematic Teeyer, and Mr. Chen Wei, Executive Deputy General Manager of Teeyer Intelligent, held an unveiling ceremony for the production line project model, demonstrating Elematic Group's confidence in the Chinese construction market and commitment to customers. As a result, 10 precast concrete lines were produced for Shanghai Urban Construction Group.

Under the guidance of Mr. Janne Luotoharju, Elematic Teeyer's technical director, and Mr. Zhao Xiuwen, engineering manager, everyone visited the new factory's equipment exhibition hall together, providing guests with detailed introductions to various Elematic equipment, functions, and applications.

‘Last fall, the Elematic Group and Jiangsu Teeyer Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. signed a joint venture agreement, and subsequently completed our new factory in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province on China's east coast. Although Elematic's development in China is still in its beginning stages, we have achieved an important transformation. Mr. Seppo Kauppinen confidently introduced, ‘We firmly believe that China's prefabricated building development a prosperous future. With market-driven and collective industry efforts, we are determined to create a better and more sustainable road.

The partnership between Teeyer Intelligent and Elematic Group marks a significant milestone in Chinese prefabricated construction field. The "Made in China" brand is blooming steadily on the global stage, while also a great contribution to the global decarburization.

The main product of TEEYER is the whole line equipment for AAC block and panel production. TEEYER aims to provide customers with satisfactory overall solution for wall material products.

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