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How Much Do You Know About Relevant Information Before Purchasing Aerated Concrete?

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Aerated concrete is made of silicon material and calcium material as the main raw material, adding aluminum powder as air-generating agent, and after a series of processes such as batching, mixing, pouring, pre-curing, cutting, autoclaving, packing, etc. to make lightweight porous concrete silicate products. There are many uniform and fine pores in the production process, so we call it autoclaved aerated concrete, as we all known AAC, in brief.

  • What are the classifications of Aerated concrete?

  • What are the material advantages and characteristics of Aerated concrete?

  • Which groups will choose to use Aerated concrete?

What are the classifications of Aerated concrete?

In a broad sense, it covers all aerated concrete, including autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, foam concrete and concrete with air-generating agent.

In a narrow sense, it is an Aerated concrete block. Generally, it is classified according to the type of raw materials, the production process and its applications.

Aerated concrete can be divided into blocks or panels of various specifications according to the shape.

There are basically three types of Aerated concrete according to raw materials: (cement, lime, fly ash aerated block); (cement, lime, sand aerated block); (cement, slag, sand aerated block)

Autoclaved aerated concrete can be divided into five types: non-load-bearing blocks, load-bearing blocks, thermal insulation blocks, wall panels and roof panels.

The characteristics of autoclaved aerated concrete due to the advantages of light bulk density, high thermal insulation performance, good sound-absorbing effect, certain strength and machinability, autoclaved aerated concrete is one of the earliest and most widely used light weight wall materials in our country.

What are the material advantages and characteristics of Aerated concrete?

Aerated concrete is a new type of building wall material that is made of cement, fly ash, lime and foaming agent after mixing reaction and autoclaved. The evenly distributed pores inside make it very light in weight and gain the ability to block sound. What's more, due to the advantages of concrete, Aerated concrete also has good performance in high strength, heat preservation and fire prevention.

The primer of Aerated concrete is aluminum powder, which reacts with alkali to generate a large amount of gas. Aerated concrete is characterized by lightweight and heat insulation, generally used as wall materials, but require less on high strength. The purpose of aerated is mainly to achieve light weight and heat insulation.

Which groups will choose to use Aerated concrete?

1. One of the reasons:It's benefit to buyers that the place is warm in winter and cool in summer. For human living, it can save electricity bills for air conditioners and meet the national energy-saving requirements for buildings. The raw materials used in the production of the house are all green and environmentally friendly. So you should make it clear if the wall is made of Aerated concrete when purchasing a new house.

2. The second reason for choosing Aerated concrete is from the perspective of the builder. Aerated concrete is dimensionally accurate and easy to operation. There is no need to brush mortar on both sides of the wall, and it is also no need for a large amount of yellow sand and cement (which is ready hard to move up and down), in this way, it saves a lot of manpower, and the construction site becomes clean and tidy. In addition, Aerated concrete can save a lot of money. Of course, for the whole building (especially high-rise buildings), because of its advantage of light deadweight, less building materials will be required, which can greatly reduce the investment in the foundation and steel structure of the building, that is to say, the overall cost is relatively reduced.

3. The last reason to choose Aerated concrete is from the perspective of estate developers. In today's society, the concepts of green environmental protection, heat preservation and energy saving are highly concerned and recommended. The house made by AAC products are exactly to meet such needs, it will be a hot products in building market, and welcomed to both the country and the humans.

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