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What is Aerated Concrete?

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Aerated concrete block is a new type of block made of siliceous material and calcareous material which could be used in a large quantity of ways.

  • What is Aerated concrete?

  • Which groups of people benefit from Aerated concrete?

  • What are the advantages of Aerated concrete?

What is aerated concrete?

As its main raw material, siliceous and calcareous concrete blocks are mixed with an appropriate amount of regulating material and a small amount of gas-generating material and then processed through raw material preparation, batching and pre-curing, cutting section, and autoclaving. Wall material, it can be made into Aerated blocks of various specifications. Aerated concrete's various physical and mechanical properties are determined by its pore structure and pore wall composition after autoclaving. Pore walls are determined by the chemical composition formed during pre-curing and autoclaving. A series of hydration products are produced during the hydrothermal treatment of calcareous and siliceous materials in this process.

Which groups of people benefit from Aerated concrete?

There are three types of people who would be quite satisfied with walls constructed from aerated concrete blocks. It is expected that house buyers will use aerated concrete. On the one hand, it is warm in winter and cool in summer, which reduces electricity bills for air conditioners for house buyers, which certainly reduces some of their expenses. In contrast, all of the raw materials produced are environmentally friendly and green, so residents can use them with confidence. Secondly, aerated concrete is very accurate in size and has made the process of construction simpler and faster. The walls do not have to be coated with mortar, reducing the need for a large quantity of sand and cement. This decreases the amount of manual labor required for their transportation up an down. Additionally, this leads to a tidier and more efficient site. This material is lightweight, reducing the weight of the building- especially those that are taller- as well as resulting in lower costs for its foundation and steel frameworks, leading to an overall decrease in expenditure. Aerated concrete is used by real estate developers because it is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. This material can meet consumer demands and make the house more appealing to buyers.

What are the advantages of Aerated concrete?

Through autoclaving, aerated concrete blocks are non-radioactive, non-polluting porous inorganic environmental protection wall materials. They have the following properties.

1, Performance of good sound insulation: Unpainted surface wall 100mm, 150mm, 200mm thick, sub-43dB, 47dB. At the same time, it provides a sound insulation volume of 36dB, so it is a good sound absorbing material.

2, Good processing performance: Aerated concrete does not require coarse aggregate, has good machinability, can be deformed, chiseled, drilled, and nailed, providing favorable conditions for construction.

3,Convenient construction: Aerated concrete can be built continuously without being limited to only one meter at a time, which can greatly increase the speed of construction and reduce labor costs.

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